Immigration law

Estofa Law represents both businesses which are newly arrived in Canada, and individuals who are seeking to give a new dimension to their professional lives as well as people looking to visit Canada for holidays. 

Whether it be personal or economic, a successful immigration requires a global vision which will respond realistically to the short term and long term objectives of the client. Many parameters must be taken into account. The team at Estofa Law will evaluate the plans and situation of candidates for immigration before preparing a complete diagnostic strategy which will lead to an informed decision and the putting into place of immigration procedures which are both adequate and well planned.

Our team enjoys high reputation in getting a temporary resident Visa like Visit Visa or Super Visa. If you are planning to visit Canada for a short period of time or planning to move to Canada on Permanent Basis, Please feel free to contact for a free initial consultation.

Estofa Law gives assistance and representation not limited to but generally in the following;