Family Law

The family lawyers at Estofa Law can guide you through potentially emotional and stressful experiences, Matters concerning divorces and child custody are emotionally draining and often leave you exhausted. It is essential that you have a compassionate and experienced family lawyer. We ensure that your rights are protected under all circumstances, and if at all the matter goes to court, we will ensure the results work best in your favour.

Divorce or separation frequently signifies an end. However, at Estofa Law, our priority is the beginning of the next chapter in your life. If a divorce or a separation becomes inevitable, we know that no one wins by engaging in a war of procedures and appearances at Court. Estofa Law encourages negotiation and settlement, while at the same time ensuring that your rights and your patrimony are protected.

Our lawyers are aware of the emotional and psychological impact of a separation, and they therefore favour efficiency in the carrying out of their mandate, so as to avoid a dispute that is disproportionate to what is really important.