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Hassan Tahir

Principal Lawyer


Mr. Tahir is the Principal Lawyer at Estofa Law.
His Primary areas of practice are Immigration
Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, and Real Estate. Thinking outside the box and providing practical solutions to clients is what matters to him.
Even its the norm to perform a task, he will not hesitate to analyze the situation and decide whether there is a better method for that
specific client. 



Hassan speaks English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi. 


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Mr. Fizz joined Estofa Law in the year 2021. He works closely with the lawyer by providing 

support in all aspects of the management and organization of files including communicating
with clients and other parties, document production, preparation of lists of documents, drafting pleadings and court applications and
trial preparation.


Fizz speaks English, Urdu, and Punjabi. 



Office Receptionist

Ms. Ammara 
supports the firm in being the first smiling face you see when you talk in our office. She also works directly with lawyers and clients and helps them complete administrative tasks including managing calendars, and preparing documents. She has notable experience in all aspects of administrative work.

Ammara speaks English and Urdu.