What We Offer For You

Estofa Law Professional Corporation provides legal services not limited to the following; 

Our Legal Practice Areas

Dealing with criminal charges can prove to be a daunting and often stressful ordeal. For this reason it is absolutely imperative that you have the right criminal lawyer by your side.


From the first-time home buyer to the seasoned real estate investor, Estofa Law Professional Corporation helps with all types of real estate transactions, including residential and commercial purchases and sales, mortgage lending and refinancing.

The team at Estofa Law will evaluate the plans and situation of candidates for immigration before preparing a complete diagnostic strategy which will lead to an informed decision and the putting into place of immigration procedures which are both adequate and well planned.

If a divorce or a separation becomes inevitable, we know that no one wins by engaging in a war of procedures and appearances at Court. Estofa Law encourages negotiation and settlement, while at the same time ensuring that your rights and your patrimony are protected.