ontario land transfer tax

A Complete Guide To Ontario Land Transfer Tax

A Complete Guide To Ontario Land Transfer Tax

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ontario land transfer tax

When purchasing real estate in Ontario the buyer is obliged to pay the Land Transfer Tax. The tax applies to all sorts of properties including land, homes, commercial buildings and condos. 

Transferring the title to your name is contingent upon the land transfer tax being paid at the time of closing. It’s important to note that the land transfer tax cannot be integrated into your mortgage payments; it must be paid separately and factored into your closing costs as you budget for them.

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What You Need To Know About Land Transfer Tax In Ontario?

The tax owed to the government isn’t set in stone. It varies based on the property’s purchase price. As the property’s price increases, so does the tax payable to the government, and conversely, a lower property price results in lower taxes.

This tax is typically calculated as a percentage of the property’s value at the time of purchase.

For homebuyers, it’s crucial to factor this tax into their budgeting process for a new property. Its significance cannot be overstated, as failing to account for it can lead to considerable financial strain and unexpected costs down the line.

Factors Influencing the Total Cost of Purchasing a Home

Several factors can affect the amount of LTT(Land Transfer Tax) payable in Ontario. If you are unaware of these factors and want to know everything about them, please read below; 

  • Purchase Price of the Property: 

The primary factor that disturbs the LTT amount is the purchase price of the property. In Ontario the LTT is organised in tiers which means that various rates are applied to the different segments of the property’s purchase price. The tier structure ensures that higher value properties are subject to high taxes. As the purchase price increases the amount of LTT will automatically increase. 

  • First-Time Homebuyer Rebates:

In Ontario, the first-time homebuyers might be eligible for a rebate of all or part of the land transfer tax (LTT) payable. The rebate can potentially reduce the amount of tax owed, specifically for those who are buying their home for the first time. 

  • Location within Ontario: 

Few municipalities in Ontario may impose an additional LTT besides the provincial land transfer tax. The taxes and thresholds for these municipal taxes may vary with the particular municipality. 

  • Property Use:

The purpose for which the property is intended can also impact the amount of LTT. For instance property used for agricultural purposes may be eligible for certain rebates or exemptions. 

  • Tax Rate Changes: 

Tax rates in Ontario might fluctuate over a certain period of time due to legislative updates or government policies. It is recommended for the buyers to be familiar with the current tax rates at the time of their property purchase.

When To Pay The Land Transfer Tax?

The land transfer tax is a mandatory payment required at the time of purchasing the property. Your Real Estate Lawyer will handle this payment during the closing process. It’s essential to settle this tax to complete the registration of the transfer properly. 

Apart from land transfer tax, there are various other things that you have to take into account in order to buy the property  i.e., closing cost, appraisal and home inspection fees. To budget perfectly you should do a proper research to the costs applicable so that you do not run out of money. It is highly recommended to seek assistance from a Real Estate Lawyer. 


Land Transfer Tax In Ontario Calculations.

Let’s break down how the Ontario land transfer tax (LTT) works.

It’s a marginal tax system, which means that different segments of your home’s value are taxed at different rates. Here are the tax rates:

For the provincial land transfer tax in Ontario (outside of Toronto), the rates are as follows:

Purchase Price

Marginal Tax 

Up to $55,000


$55,000 to $250,000


$250,000 to $400,000


$400,000 to $2,000,000


Over $2,000,000:


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