Criminal Law

Dealing with criminal charges  can prove to be a daunting and often stressful ordeal. For this reason it is absolutely imperative that you have the right criminal lawyer by your side. The right criminal lawyer will not only work hard for you but will ensure your rights are protected within the justice system. This combination will guarantee that the most successful results are achieved.

Estofa Law is a law firm focusing on providing expert representation to individuals and corporations charged with criminal offences. The criminal lawyers of Estofa Law possess a wealth of experience in the criminal justice system conducting bail hearings, Pre Crown Trial, Pre Judicial Trials, trials and appeals.

Our lawyers share a passionate commitment to justice, unrivaled professionalism and an irrepressible desire to succeed on your behalf. We personally appear on behalf of our clients at each and every court appearance, allowing you to focus on your work and family, and not on your pending criminal case. We will provide you with regular and detailed updates on the status of your case and will always make ourselves available to answer your questions.

The criminal lawyers of Estofa Law maintain regular contact with our office throughout their busy court days and can often respond to your calls within hours. It is this unparalleled level of service coupled with our extensive legal experience that distinguishes Estofa Law from other law practices.